1v1 games are not technically a mode (1v1 matches are listed as Normal DM matches in the game). However, players have developed their own unofficial set of rules for these games, as they are typically used to host tournaments or challenge other players. 1v1 games only include you and one other person in a small map. You attempt to kill your opponent, and the person with the most kills wins.

Note: There are 3 1v1 Maps: Laval, Flower 1v1, and 1v1 Arena. Only the 1v1 Arena map is free to create.

Unofficial 1v1 Rules[]

Scoring: The first player to 5 deaths loses the game (unless the game goes to sudden death). A suicide counts as a death for the player. Similarly, if neither player suicides, the first player to 5 kills wins the game (unless the game goes to sudden death).

Abilities: All abilities are allowed except for Heal Aura.

Duration and Playing: All games are 10 minutes (although the in-game match is 15 minutes long). If no one has reached 5 kills/deaths, the person with the most kills wins (the person with the most deaths loses).  If there is currently a tie in the number of kills/deaths, the game goes to sudden death in the remaining 5 minutes of the match. The player who scores the next kill wins. Similarly, the player who dies/suicides first loses. If there is still a tie in the number of kills/deaths at the end of the sudden death period (i.e. neither player has killed each other), the player with the most in-game score wins the match.

Protocol: Player A creates the game, and Player B then joins the game. Neither player can move until the match begins. After both players have joined and said "Ready!", the last player to say "Ready!" says "Go!". At this point, the match begins, and continues until the winning score is reached.

Map: The map used is 1v1 Arena.

Map settings: When creating the map, be sure that you do not include bots (set the max bots option to 0!) and make sure that the game time is 15 minutes (this is the default setting, so you should not have to change anything anyway).

Miscellaneous: If a player intentionally leaves during the middle of a match for any reason, then they forfeit said match and lose. Disconnects from lag do not apply here - show screenshots for proof. For example, if a player starts off on a bad start, they cannot leave and rejoin the game to get max HP again - this causes them to forfeit the match. If a player forgets an ability and/or has the wrong build, they can ask their opponent for a rematch. If their opponent agrees, then the previous game will be invalidated and a new match will commence.

1v1 Strategies[]

1v1 mode is unique in that the success of a player depends upon their build more so than in any other mode. Most successful 1v1 builds include the use of much regeneration (as it is the only way to regain health), or more rarely, lifesteal. 1v1 strategies center around staying alive, so it is a good idea to use defensive strategies in order to survive and kill your enemy. Remember, you cannot hide/run from your enemy since it is an enclosed space with just the 2 of you! Shield is a recommended ability, as it mitigates high amounts of damage from grenades and rockets, and also allows you to engage in melee combat with ease. Use the teleporters to escape to the other side of the map, but remember that your opponent can follow you. Controlling the center is helpful as it contains the only medkit.

The main strategy for a 1v1 match should always prioritize staying alive. Only after you stay alive, then you can focus on killing your opponent. Melee-style playing is recommended, because there are no places to run to.

Note: These strategies apply to 1v1 Arena only