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Abilities in are skills or passive bonuses that players allot points to. The more points allotted to an ability, the more effective it will be. A player can allocate up to 12 points in abilities.

List of abilities

Active abilities[]

These abilities must be activated to take effect. Once certain abilities are used, a cooldown will be enacted them, stopping the player from using that ability. Players can only carry up to 2 active abilities at a time. Active abilities take a certain amount of energy to use. If the player has insufficient energy to activate them, they cannot activate said ability.

Name Description
Heal Aura.png Heal Aura Create an aura that heals nearby units.
Laser ico.png Laser Turret Create a turret that shoots enemy units with lasers.
Wall.png Wall Create a wall, that blocks pathing and projectiles. Grenades can be shot over it, though.
Teleport.png Teleport Teleport over a short distance. After using teleport, you can not shoot for 2 sec.
Invisibility.png Invisibility Makes you almost invisible to enemy units.
Acid Grenade.png Acid Grenade Throw an acid grenade, that causes damage to units and objects over time.
HE Grenade.png HE Grenade Throw a grenade that explodes, dealing major damage to enemy units.
Laser Grenade.png Laser Grenade Throw a grenade that shoots bouncy lasers in all directions upon detonation.
Missle Turret.png Missile Turret Create a turret that shoots enemy units with missiles.
Grenade Turret.png Grenade Turret Create a turret that shoots enemy units with grenades.
Scan.png Scan Temporarily reveals all units on the minimap. Also increases the visibility of invisible players.
Shield.png Shield Reduces incoming damage to 10. Only lasts one second.

Passive abilities[]

These abilities will provide bonuses without needing activation. There is no limit to how many passive abilities can be equipped at a time.

Name Description Cost Max


Strength.png Strength Increases your maximum HP by 6.5. 100 10
Agility.png Agility Increases your movement Speed. 100 10
Regeneration.png Regeneration Increases your HP regeneration rate. 100 10
Intelligence.png Intelligence Increases your energy regeneration rate. 100 10
Lifesteal.png Lifesteal Gives you HP depending on how much damage you deal to enemies. 100 10

Zombie abilities[]

This abilities are exclusively available to players playing as zombies in infection.

Name Description Energy Max


Cost Max




Damage.png Damage Increases your damage. 10 100
SummonZombie.png Summon Zombie Summon a normal zombie. 40 5 100 5
SummonStrongerZombie.png Summon Stronger Zombie Summon a stronger zombie. 50 5 100 5
SummonCrawler.png Summon Crawler Summon a crawler. 30 5 100 4 4
SummonDarkZombie.png Summon Dark Zombie Summon a dark zombie. 80 5 100 4 8
PlayDead.png Play Dead Play dead. 5 1 100
Zombie Sence .png Zombie Sense Show invisible players near you. 3 100 5

Removed abilities[]

See: Retired Features

Upcoming abilities[]

These abilities will be added to the game.

Name Description
Grappling hook This Ability can grab opponents or grabs unmovable tiles and pushes yourself over.