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Acid Grenade
Acid Grenade.png
Throw an acid grenade, that causes damage to players and objects over time.
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Damage: 25/s


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Duration: 10s
Range: 12
Radius: 3.5
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Energy cost: 30
Ability cost: Activate:100
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The Acid Grenade is a grenade that causes slow damage over time in a large radius.

It uses 30 energy when thrown and will create an area of green gas that will damage the players and summoned objects that are in it. The radius and the damage of the acid grenade can be modified.

The acid will continue to form a cloud for 10 seconds.


This grenade is typically used as a way to counter walls and turrets. Its acid will take the health of these structures as it would an opponent, easily clearing away annoying turrets or walls blocking the area.

Although good for stationary objects, it is easy for players to avoid. A player's instinct when taking damage from acid is to flee by jumping out of the area. Damage to an enemy can be maximized by increasing the damage and radius of your grenade, making the opponent lose the most health possible while escaping.

Build Tips[]

If your character has Lifesteal equipped and uses an acid grenade, HP will be given to you as other players are hurt by your attack.