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'''Build''' are special ability configuration in ''[[]]''. Every good player has an original build
'''Builds''' are an arrangement of ability points for your character in
== Build making ==
== Build making ==

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Builds are an arrangement of ability points for your character in

Build making

Rules of build making:

  • Every build have only one specialization . You can't use camping build for rushing etc.
  • Every build have 3 properties and you must choose you specialization.
  • Don't make new build . Modify existing build


Rushing = player running around the map , collecting weapons and killing players

Camping = player staying in one place and waiting for a good situation


Offensive = player starting fights and attacking other players

Defensive = player does not attack, only responds to attacks from other players


Reflexive = player must have fast reflexes (fast ability activation etc.)

Strategic = player must have a strategic mind and know how to trade with energy

Game styles

Shield rushing

Most popular style in game. You have a lot of agility (4-6) , regeneration and shield

Invisible sniping

You're camping in good places and killing players with low HP

Turret camping

You build a camp with turrets . Turrets shoot for you and you can collect all weapons in the camp zone

Heal Rushing

Same as shield rushing , but you have Heal aura

Wall rushing

You use walls to avoid shooting