Builds are arrangements of ability points for your character. Your build should be designed to match your play style, so it should designate points to abilities that you use often.

Build making

  • A build should focus on one play style only, and should only be used for that specific play style. For example, you can't use a camping build to try to rush other players.

Build archetypes can be classified by a few characteristics:


Rushing = used for running around the map, collecting weapons, and killing others.

Camping = used to stay in one place and wait for other players to come to you.


Offensive = offensive builds help the player start fights and attack other players easily.

Defensive = defensive builds help the player respond to and defend against attacks from other players. These builds are not suitable for playing aggressively.

Build Examples

The difficulty level of each build is indicated next to the name. Easy builds should be used by beginning players, medium builds by intermediate players, and expert builds by experienced players.

General Starter Build - Easy

Maximum Efficiency Heal Aura, 4 strength, 4 agility

This ability allows for high mobility while still maintaining a decent amount of strength. Ensure that you utilize the heal aura whenever you are low on health and out of combat since the healing rate of the heal aura is amazingly quick.

Melee Build - Easy

2 agility, 5 strength, Heal Aura (+3 points heal rate), shield

This build is extremely versatile. The strength helps you survive tough situations, while the heal aura lets you heal very quickly. The shield increases your survivability as well. The only drawback of this build is the energy level - if you spam shield, then you won’t have enough energy to place heal auras to heal.

Flag-Stealer – Easy

Max strength, shield, teleport

This build is good for Capture the Flag mode.

1) Collect explosives (rocket launchers or grenade launcher) and сharge up your energy.

2) Once you have lots energy, hp, and armor, you get close to the enemy base.

3) Using teleport or a shield jump, you can break in the base and grab the flag.

4) Since you can’t use teleport while holding the flag, use shield to rocket jump and escape from the enemy base.

Shield-Healer - Medium

8 regeneration, 1 shield, 1 lifesteal, 2 strength

  • Variant: 7 regeneration, 1 shield, 2 agility, 2 strength

This build uses high regeneration to enter battles and come out on top while sustaining a lot of damage. The shield needs to be used when an unavoidable grenade or rocket comes around, but should not be used otherwise. The lifesteal can be replaced with agility if you wish. With this build, you do not need to worry about your health as it regenerates rather quickly, while the single lifesteal gives support. This is also a wonderful 1v1 build.

Moderate Grenadier - Medium

3 strength, 3 agility, 3 intelligence, HE Grenade (2 points in damage),

  • You can also replace one of the strength/agility points with shield

This build gives much playability as well as survivability. The intelligence gives you enough energy to be able to use the HE grenade for both offense and defense. The strength and agility allow you to maneuver and attack without worrying too much about HP. Use your grenades to blow up your enemies or prevent their advances!

Escaper Build – Difficult

Maximum range teleport, 1 shield, 5 agility, 2 strength

  • Variant: Max Teleport, 1 shield, 5 strength, 2 agility

This build utilizes its high agility to get out of bad situations, and it is able to cope well with multiple hostiles. Ensure that you keep an eye on your health bar since you have no form of regeneration, and use teleport and shield to get out of tricky situations/reduce damage. Variants include 2 teleport, 1 shield, 1 intelligence, 2 strength, 6 agility.

Assassin Build – Difficult

6-7 agility, 2-3 strength, teleport (+2 points), 1 lifesteal

This build is a highly fluid and successful build when used properly. Ensure that you are aware of your health at all times since this has no way of regenerating health except for the tiny amount of lifesteal, which is used more for indicating damage dealt. Use the teleport to get out of tricky situations quickly. Change according to playstyle.