Capture The Flag (also known as CTF) is a team deathmatch game mode where each team must capture and score more flags than the other team before time runs out. When a player grabs the flag, it will say in big letters *Username picked up your/The enemy flag*. Players must escort the enemy flag back to their team's side safely, and put it on their own flag. A team can't capture the enemy flag if their own flag is missing. The first two captures grant 30 XP, the second two grant 25 XP,and so on. If the flag carrier dies, they will drop the flag on the ground. One of the flag carrier's teammates can pick up the dropped flag and bring it back to their home base to score. If a player picks up their team's flag it will automatically return to its spot, and it'll say *Username retrieved your/the enemy flag*. The team with the most flags scored when time runs out wins!

List of Capture The Flag maps[]

There are several maps available for this game mode:

Name Players Size Modes
Tornado 10 32x32 Capture The Flag
CTF Arena 12 60x40 Capture The Flag
Storm the Front 12 96x48 Capture The Flag
Port 16 32x32 Capture The Flag
Fredytek 16 32x32 Capture The Flag
Meep Symmetrical 16 32x32 Capture The Flag
Line them Up 12 81x41 Capture The Flag
Criffon 12 48x48 Capture The Flag
Eagle Isle 20 128x128 Capture The Flag
Meep 2.0 24 Capture The Flag