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Clans are an optional appendage of Clans allow players to create groups for social activities, joining together with friends. Other players may use clans competitively, and as a status symbol. Some clans have requirements, usually in the form of ELO or KDR.

How to Join a Clan

  • 1.Go to the clan menu
  • 2.Find any clan that you want to join
  • 3.Click the join button
  • 4.Write a description (why you want join that clan)
  • 5.Click the Send button

How to Create a Clan

  • 1.Go to the clan menu
  • 2 Go to the "create" section
  • 3. Fill out the clan's info:
  • Clan TAG (can't be changed later)
  • Clan Name (can be changed later)
  • Clan Description (can be changed later)
  • 4.Click to create button (you must pay 1000 gold)

Button i.png
Clan preview

  • 1. Info about clan
  • The name and tag of clan

Button i.png
Members preview

  • 1. Player profile
  • 2. Next page
  • 3. Kick the player
  • 4. Promote the player: Member --> Moderator --> Admin
  • 5. Search for a player
  • 6. Applicants: list of applications to the clan
  • 7. Demote the player: Admin --> Moderator --> Member

Refer to the diagram on the right. The diagram labels refer to the numbers above.

Button i.png
Clan Positions

  • Member: Normal clan member, does not have any permissions
  • Moderator: Can accept and kick players
  • Admin: Can change the clan name, member positions, and the clan description. Admins can also can disband the clan.

WARNING: Only give clan positions to trusted players. A bad moderator can kick all players from the clan, and a bad admin can remove your admin rank or disband the clan!

Clan Score Calculations

  • Score equation:
  • CLAN SCORE = (sum of top 10 member's elo - 24000)*0.6 + (sum of top 11-20 members elo - 24000)*0.3 + (sum of top 21-30 members elo-24000)*0.1
Note: Clan score is currently broken in and does not update.