Deathmatch (also known as DM) is a free-for-all game mode where players gain points by killing other players. The points gained after each kill depends on the total points score of the player killed. The higher the score a player has, the higher the points another player gains by killing them. Deaths deduct from your points score in a similar fashion. The player with the highest score when time runs out wins the game.

Note: Teaming with other players is prohibited in this game mode. In-game moderators can and will ban you for teaming.

List of maps (lista de los mapas)[]

There are several maps available for this game mode:

name (nombre del


(players) jugadores sise centimetros
big one 16 64x64
Small One 16 32x32
The Bay 12 48x48
Project 5929 18 77x77
De Facto RY 12 48x48
Forest 16 64x64
Courtyard 16 64x64
Tunnel 16 32x32
Big One TMod 20 80x80
The Harbor 16 64x64
The Castle 24 90x80
Colosseum 16 50x30
Hunger Games 16 48x48
Project 1337 16 77x77
Pyramid 14 52x52
Monastery 16 68x68
The Swamp 12 64x64
1v1 Arena 2 38x38
Maze Runner 16 63x79
The Bar 16 64x64
Town 16 61x54