The energy rifle is a weapon with two firing modes! The first firing mode is a high velocity laser projectile that hits its target almost instantly, but deals low damage and has a pretty high cooldown. The second firing mode is a slow-moving energy ball that deals more damage and can collide with rocket projectiles. However, the second firing mode is easy to dodge in an open area because it is so slow. You can shoot the energy ball with the first firing mode (laser projectile) and make it explode, dealing a very large, violent explosion. A direct hit from this can one- shot a player with full HP, but no strength/armor.

Energy Rifle
Energy Rifle.png
"This weapon has two fire modes: a basic ray and an energy ball. If you hit the ball with the ray, you'll get a big explosion.",
Max damage: 20
Max range: infinite
Reload time: 3s
Fire rate: 0.85
Cartridge: 14

Using the Energy Rifle[]

The energy rifle is not good in a 1 on 1 melee situation, but is useful in a crowded situation when using the second fire mode. It is hard to find a good keybind for and may end up being tricky to use, but its AoE damage is good. It is not recommended that you use this weapon as your main offensive weapon. It would be better used as a clean-up weapon when your opponent has low HP. The energy rifle can be used as a finishing-off tool, since it's easy to hit people with. It is reliable, fast, and deals decent damage, so use it from afar to poke your enemy with very little risk. When being chased, you can spam energy orbs at your chaser to knock them back and escape. The low cooldown makes this effective over other explosives.

Countering the Energy Rifle[]

If faced with a player using the energy rifle, try to get behind obstacles (walls, tires, trees), as the energy rifle's high speed projectiles will not be able to hit you. You can also place your own walls to block the energy balls shot from the rifle.

In a small space, using teleport to escape from the energy rifle is also a good strategy.

The best way to counter the energy rifle's combo explosion (mentioned above) is to use shield to mitigate the damage taken to just 10 HP.