A short range weapon that can kill an enemy very fast
Max damage: 40/sec
Max range: 7.2
Reload time: 3s
Fire rate: 0
Cartridge: 50

The flamethrower is a short range weapon that gives the highest speed boost of any weapon. It is ideal for close quarter situations, and also functions as a short-range finisher weapon due to the cone of damage that it does. The flamethrower is widely used due to its versatile and high-damage nature.

You get 100 flamethrower ammunition (2 reloads) from picking this weapon up on a map.

Using the Flamethrower[]

Unlike a weapon which uses one bullet per click/period of time, like a grenade launcher or a laser gun, this gun continuously fires as long as the mouse button is pressed. Instead of bullets, it has a certain amount of gas per canister (50 max), that depletes steadily as it is used. This is similar to the minigun.

A flamethrower will spit flame in a large range wherever it is blasted, and can be manipulated fluidly as one moves. The more flames that can reach your opponent, the more damage they will take.

Countering the Flamethrower[]

The flamethrower is seen as a major threat by beginning and intermediate players. However, there are many ways to counter the flamethrower.

The most effective way is to rocket away from them, or launch a grenade in front of them, as this pushes them back and may push you further away from them. However, be careful of the Area of Effect damage from the explosive weapons.

If these weapons are not available, the minigun and the shotgun are great for close quarters combat due to their high damage at this range. A laser gun can also be a good counter when fighting opponents using flamethrowers.

Walls are another tactic to stop a persistent enemy. The last thing a speed-boosted enemy will think of when running after you is a wall to the face. Walls also stop the flames from travelling towards you. This is an effective way of buying you a few seconds as they react to the block in their path.

Be sure to use your jump/dodge to move away from the flamer to gain distance. When running from a flamethrower, a few seconds can mean the difference between life and death.