There are several Game Modes in

How to Join a Game

  • Click the "play" button.
  • You can choose an existing game or make a new one from the menu that pops up.

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Free for all[]

  • You fight all the players. you get 10-15 points for each kill, it depends on the player you kill. If you die , you lose 10-20 points, it depends on how much points you have and your enemy'score. In the end of the game , the player with the highest score wins.
  • It's the Same as Normal DM , but in ranked DM, players fight for ELO. If a player dies , he loses Elo and if he kills a player , he gets ELO.
  • Zombies spawn in the middle of the map. If you kill a zombie , you will get souls . With souls you can upgrade you abilities . If you die , you lose half of souls. Player with most souls wins.
  • GM FFA.png1v1
  • This is one of the best game modes in the game right now where two players fight each other in an average map.

Team modes[]

  • In CTF mode there are two teams (red/blue).there is one flag for each have to take the other team's flag and bring it to your Team's flag to get points.The team with more points wins.
  • Your team must get more kills .For the first 30 seconds, the zombies spawn in the middle of the map. The team with more souls wins.


  • Players must survive . Zombies must kill all the players, the player who survives will win the match.

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Upcoming gamemode

  • PVE
(Currently unknown if this gamemode will be released)
  • Player must defend base against zombies