Grenade Launcher
Grenade Launcher.png
A powerful weapon that launches explosive grenades. Grenades can be shot over small obstacles like crates and bounced off of walls.
Max damage: 60
Max range: 9.5
Reload time: 2.75s
Fire rate: 0
Cartridge: 1

The grenade launcher is one of the strongest weapons in the game. When equipped, the player becomes encircled by a range indicator for the launcher.

Using the Grenade Launcher[]

The grenade launcher is the easiest explosives weapon to control since it aims at a single point on the ground.

This weapon gives a slight speed boost and is able to shoot over some objects, such as benches, spikes, and crates. Since it is an explosives weapon it also does area damage.

Be aware of the cooldown time.

Combining this with any Grenade Skill will turn the user into a deadly combatant, able to knock opponents into water or dish out enough damage for a quick kill. Shooting a grenade at a grouped-up bunch of enemies will knock them all away from each other with area-of-effect damage

Countering the Grenade Launcher[]

When your enemy has a grenade launcher, run towards them, as only highly adaptive players will switch weapons quickly enough to do anything before you do some damage to them. Often beginners who use the grenade launcher will still shoot at you even though you are right in front of them, but this will do significant damage to themselves as well as you.

To dodge grenades, jump quickly in the direction of an oncoming grenade as this will bring you under the grenade’s arc and away from its explosion.