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The HE Grenade is a throwable grenade that explodes a second after impact. You can invest ability points into it to increase its damage and range.

Using the HE Grenade[]

This ability is extremely useful, especially when combined with sniper and upgrades to its range. You are able to deal a large amount of damage to an enemy player, and when damage is fully upgraded, the grenade can kill an enemy outright or weaken them to the point that only a couple of minigun rounds will be needed to finish them off.

With sniper and upgraded range on the grenade, you are able to see further, and thus throw the grenade off-screen, which can result in unexpected kills. Using the shield ability while dropping a grenade lets you deal lots of damage to an enemy in close range.

The HE grenade can also be used defensively - if an enemy is chasing you, drop a grenade on the ground and jump away. If timed properly, your pursuer will take massive damage. Using this tactic offensively is risky, but it can be done with practice.

Countering the HE Grenade[]

You can us the shield ability to reduce the HE Grenade's damage to just 10. You can also try to dodge out of the grenade's explosion, lessening the damage taken. Teleporting away is also a viable strategy, but requires a large amount of energy.

HE Grenade
HE Grenade.png
Throw a grenade that deals damage upon exploding
Status: {{{status}}}
Damage: 70
Heal rate: {{{heal}}}
Health: {{{health}}}
Laser: {{{laser}}}
Base: {{{base}}}
Duration: {{{duration}}}
Range: 11
Radius: {{{radius}}}
Lifesteal: {{{lifesteal}}}
Movement speed: {{{speed}}}
HP regeneration: {{{regen}}}
Energy regeneration: {{{eregen}}}
Energy cost: 20
Ability cost: Activate:100
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