The heal beam does not deal any damage to enemies. Instead, it shoots a green beam at your teammates to heal them. Healing teammates will add health to your HP bar as well. This weapon is found only in CTF, TDM, and Infection maps.

Heal Beam
Heal Beam.png
A weapon that is used to heal allies.
Max damage: heal 5/s (ally) and 3.75/s (self)
Max range: infinite
Reload time: 3.5ss
Fire rate: 0
Cartridge: 40

Using the Heal Beam[]

The heal beam is a good weapon to have outside of combat; you can patch up your teammates (and yourself!) with ease. This weapon also has the fastest movement modifier in the game (1.15x). With enough coordination, the heal beam can be used to create an ‘invincible’ player - i.e., a player with 5-6 strength and 2-3 healers healing him constantly to prevent him from dying. This can provide a strategic team advantage, especially in Capture The Flag mode.

Countering the Heal Beam[]

The heal beam does no damage, so an enemy equipped with it cannot kill you with it. That doesn't mean an enemy healer should be ignored, though, as it's a lot harder to kill an enemy who's constantly gaining lots of health. If faced by two players (one healing the other), try to take out the healer first. This will make the second enemy far easier to kill.