Welcome to the Slay.One Wiki Help page![]

Here is where new editors can find useful resources to get started editing, and seasoned editors can find more advanced techniques.

This page, like every page on this wiki, is written by the community. Feel free to add more resources as you see fit.

Before You Edit: Things to Know[]

Register for an account:[]

In order to contribute your edits to the proper person, please make sure to create an account.

If your username is not your Slay.One account name, you can add your username in the 'Real Name' field in your Account Preferences.

The Language of the Wiki:[]

If you have looked at the "Edit Source" of a page before, you'd see that it's written in code. This is called Wikitext and it is used on most wikis across the internet.

Below will be some Gamepedia-specific help pages, but if what you want to know is not in these pages, simply search the internet for '<your issue> wikitext' and you're likely to find another wiki help page covering the topic.

Getting Started with Editing[]

Introductory pages:[]

The Gamepedia Help Wiki is the perfect resource for editing. It has tutorials and explanations of every part of wiki editing. Please spend some time on this site before starting editing.

A few specific pages to check out:

Further Learning in Editing[]

Advanced pages:[]

These cover more complicated editing topics. If you have not read the basics, please review those before trying these.

These are only a few of the many help pages available on a wide range of wiki topics. Please explore them all!