Homing Launcher
Homing Launcher.png
A powerful weapon that launches homing missiles
Max damage: 50
Max range: Infinite
Reload time: 3.5s
Fire rate: {{{fire}}}
Cartridge: 1

Disambig colour.svgThis page is about the lock-on rocket launcher. For the mouse-following one, see Remote Controlled Launcher.

The homing launcher locks onto an enemy player selected by your cursor, but cannot lock onto invisible players.

Using the Homing Launcher[]

When the homing launcher is equipped, mousing over a nearby enemy will show a target on them.

If the launcher is fired when this target is visible, the rocket will follow a "dumb" path to the enemy. A dumb path describes one that follows the closest direct path, ignoring all walls, obstacles and other players (including yourself). This is important to keep in mind when timing your launch, as your enemy can quickly move out of a clear path.

When fired, it shoots a slow-moving, medium-damage rocket that follows a direct path towards its target. The yellow rocket is best used in open spaces where there is little cover for players to hide in.

Countering the Homing Launcher[]

Either find cover, or move in a circle when the rocket is at a close range to make the rocket travels in circles around you. If the rocket starts to circle you, you can stand still and it will continue to simply circle your character.

You can also use this to make the yellow rocket hit another player by putting them in the rocket’s path.

Similarly to countering rocket launchers, you are able to shoot a rocket or energy ball into another rocket. Click here for an example of evading homing launchers.