Infection is a game mode where all humans work together in order to fight off the zombie hordes! In the beginning, a few players are chosen to become zombies. Once you’re killed by a zombie, you become a zombie too, with special zombie abilities (spawning zombies, playing dead, etc.). If you kill 2 humans without dying, you can cure yourself and become human again. The zombie with the most souls becomes a zombie boss, and the last 10 humans become bosses with mech suits. Humans can kill zombies to gain souls and upgrade their abilities. The last surviving human wins the game. If multiple humans are still alive when time runs out, the human with the most souls is the winner.

List of maps[]

There are several maps available for this game mode:

Name Players Size
Island Virus 24 72x72
Zombieland 24 88x72
Europe 24 80x80
Castle Z 24 96x80
The kingdom 24 100x100
Mountainking 24 96x96
Sewage 24 128x128
Divisions 24 80x80
Lab of Aldople 20 80x68
Snekfection 24 80x80