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Makes you almost invisible
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Duration: until 0 energy
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Energy cost: 4.2/s
Ability cost: Activate:100
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Invisibility is one of the more used powers, due to it's capabilities, to make you translucent, and makes your health and name disappear. If you fire a weapon, you will become more visible. With the exception of all the weapons, You CAN be seen, just barely by using a shotgun.

Invisibility costs 4.2 un-upgraded, decreasing the cost by 0.3 per level. Level 0: 4.2 Level 1: 3.9 Level 3: 3.6 Level 4: 3.2

How to spot invisible people:

The dust clouds from when you walk still appear. If you see those with no person nearby, it's an invisible user. If they are standing still, you can see an outline of a person.


Pair Invisibility with the Passive Intelligence (upgrade Invisibility to max, and Intelligence as high as you can) Pair Invisibility with Teleport to escape when people see you Pair invisibility with anything else to become a stealth support.


In PVP to sneak up to people. In Capture the Flag to capture the flag unseen In Zombie Co-Op to escape the zombies.