Key Bindings

A key binding (also known as a keybind) is a method to manually bind keys to key or button-controlled actions in the game. Keybinds are very useful when it comes to switching between weapons since several of the default keys are uncomfortably far away from a player's keyboard hand.

How to Change your Keybinds[]


Go to the main menu. Click on the Options gear at the top-left corner of the menu, then click the "CONTROLS" button. You should see a list of labels and buttons titled "Edit Controls". To change the key to shotgun, for example, find the "Switch to Shotgun" label and click the button next to it. The letter on the button should turn red. Then press the key you want to bind to shotgun.

Default Keybinds

Below are the default keys in and their effects. Note that these keys will remain the same on an AZERTY keyboard, so you will have to manually bind them. To see these keys, press the Options gear in the top-left corner of your screen, then press the CONTROLS button.

Default Keyboard Settings:[]


W = Move up

S = Move down

A = Move left

D = Move right

Right-click = Jump (as zombie you will speed up for few seconds)

Y= Secondary fire (energy ball for the energy rifle)


1 = Laser Gun

2 = Grenade Launcher

3 = Flamethrower

4 = Minigun

5 = Rocket Launcher

6 = Laser Gun R

7 = Homing Launcher

8 = Remote Controlled Launcher

9 = Sniper Rifle

0 = Shotgun

N = Rapid Rocket Launcher

M = Rapid Grenade Launcher

H = Heal Beam

Note: Energy Rifle does not have a default hotkey, but you can assign one.


Left-click = Fire weapon

Y = Fire secondary energy rifle bullet (Left-click fires the primary bullet)

R = Reload weapon (This manually reloads a weapon, even if it doesn't have an empty cartridge - for example if I had a Minigun with 30 ammunition, I could press R to reload it.)

F = Aim with sniper

Q = Use first ability slot

E = Use second ability slot

Spacebar = Pick upgrade (This works only in Infection and Team Deathmatch game modes)

Enter = Open chatbar. Type in your message, then press Enter again to send it.