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The laser grenade is a throwable grenade that shoots multiple green lasers outwards when it explodes, doing a great deal of damage to nearby enemies. Investing more ability points into this ability increases the amount of green lasers shot out of the grenade (up to 11).

Laser Grenade
Laser Grenade.png
Throw a grenade that shoots lasers in all directions when detonating
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Laser: 5
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Energy cost: 35
Ability cost: Activate:100
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Using the Laser Grenade[]

The laser grenade is only really useful in enclosed spaces, as its lasers can bounce off of the nearby surfaces and damage enemies. However, it can also be used to ward off threats and make getaways, though stray lasers may hit your own character.

Countering the Laser Grenade[]

Placing a wall, turret, or heal aura on top of or nearby the grenade to absorb the green lasers is the best way to counter the laser grenade. Shield can be used to counter the laser grenade as well, although to less effect. A fully upgraded laser grenade could still deal 11 x 10 = 110 damage to a player who uses shield!

In extreme circumstances, you can also use teleport to escape a closed space if an enemy throws a laser grenade. However, this requires a lot of energy.