Laser Gun
Laser Gun.png
A basic laser gun
Max damage: 28
Max range: Infinite
Reload time: {{{reload}}}s
Fire rate: 0.85
Cartridge: Infinite

Disambig colour.svgThis page is about the default laser gun. For the laser gun that gets reflected from walls and obstacles, see Laser Gun R.

The laser gun is the default weapon in, so you spawn with this weapon, and get infinite ammo for this gun and this gun only.

By improving your skill with the laser gun, you can get significant benefits, as you will never be without a weapon in which you are skilled or proficient in.

Using the laser gun[]

The laser gun deals significant damage, and you are generally able to kill a normal player with only 4 hits. However, the number of shots may vary based on your opponent’s strength, and if they have armor or not.

Laser guns require a high level of prediction and accuracy in order to hit an enemy since the shots are narrow and quite slow. The laser gun is usually good against low agility players, since they may not be able to dodge them, as well as players who use high agility.

Countering the laser gun[]

If you have high agility, use this to your advantage and dance around the laser bolts. They move relatively slowly and are thus quite easy to dodge.

Moving erratically is also a good strategy to throw off your opponent and cause them to miss their shots. You can also use explosive weapons (e.g. grenade launcher/rockets) to blast your enemy away, or fan out a flamethrower’s flames so that they hit your opponent.