Laser Gun R
Laser Gun R.png
A laser gun that gets reflected from walls and obstacles
Max damage: 28
Max range: Infinite
Reload time: 1s
Fire rate: 0.85
Cartridge: 20

Disambig colour.svg This page is about the laser gun that gets reflected from walls and obstacles. For the default laser gun, see Laser Gun.

The Laser Gun R is related to the regular Laser Gun, but the laser bolts it fires are a green color and bounce off of indestructible obstacles on the map (e.g. tall walls, tires, trees etc).

If hits a spawned wall, a turret, a barrel, or any kind of damageable obstacle, then it will damage said object and stop reflecting.

Using the Laser Gun R

The key to using green lasers effectively is to look at the angles on walls and predict where your opponent is most likely to go.

Since green laser guns have very fast cooldown, it is easy to spam them at your opponent- just be careful not to hit yourself! This spamming technique is an effective way to use green lasers as well, because you will hit your opponent almost 100% of the time (this is how most people use green lasers).

Each subsequent laser fire means different random angles that will be difficult to keep up with- increasing the likelihood of damage to both them and you.

Countering the Laser Gun R

Placing a wall in front of you is a good way to absorb any green lasers coming your way - you can also hide behind other obstacles.

Don’t stay stationary, keep on moving around erratically. You can also teleport out of the area if a player is spamming the Laser Gun R in a small, enclosed area.

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