Laser Turret
Laser Turret.png
Create a turret that shoots lasers at nearby enemies
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Health: 115
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Range: 9
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Energy cost: 55
Ability cost: Activate:100
Sounds: Building

Destruction 1
Destruction 2

The laser turret is a structure that shoots blue lasers at hostile players.

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Shooting laser turret

Laser turret in game

With laser turret[]

  • Laser turrets are good against shield , because shield don't block low damage.
  • A big group of laser turrets are good defense against zombies in Infection
  • Best turret for spaming(55 energy) .

Against laser turret[]

  • Don't use shield . This turret ignore this ability.
  • If you can ,kill player before they can place turrets.
  • With high strength , you can survive shooting of laser turret
  • Acid grenade is extreme good weapon against turrets
  • Use walls to avoid shooting