A strong fast firing weapon
Max damage: 5.55
Max range: Infinite
Reload time: 3s
Fire rate: 0.1
Cartridge: 50

The minigun is the highest damage per second (DPS) weapon in the game, shooting low damage bullets at an insanely fast speed.

Using the Minigun[]

It’s most useful in enclosed spaces, although it can also be used as a ‘clean-up’ weapon after doing high damage to an opponent with weapons such as rockets and the sniper. If an opponent only has a small amount of health left and is running down a narrow area, the minigun can easily pick them off.

Maps with features such as the mazes in Forest, or the corridors in The Castle are ideal for minigun usage.

However, the minigun is not very good for long range attacks due to its lack of accuracy.

Countering the Minigun[]

To counter the minigun, you need to get to cover as quickly as possible. Use walls to block off bullets, or use teleport to find shelter.

Attempting to blast the player off-screen or further away using grenades or explosives could also help to reduce their accuracy, and thus the damage dealt to you.

Moreover, because of the minigun’s narrow line of fire, you can move side-to-side to avoid it.