Ranked Deathmatch games work in the same way as regular deathmatch games. However, in addition to the points score, a player gains 0-5 ELO for each kill and loses 0-5 ELO for each death.

Note: Teaming with other players is prohibited in this game mode. In-game moderators can and will ban you for teaming.

List of maps[]

There are several maps available for ranked deathmatch :

Name Players Size
Big One 16 64x64
The Bay 12 48x48
De Facto RY 12 48x48
Forest 16 64x64
Courtyard 16 64x64
Big One TMod 20 80x80
The Harbor 16 64x64
The Castle 24 90x80
Monastery 16 68x68
The Swamp 12 64x64
The Bar 16 64x64