The Rapid Grenade Launcher is the rapid counterpart of the Grenade Launcher. It has weaker grenades, a shorter reload time, and 8 grenades in a cartridge.

Using the Rapid Grenade Launcher[]

The rapid grenade launcher is a particularly lethal weapon in close range - it can send unprepared enemies flying right into your next shot, and its small blast radius reduces the likelihood of collateral damage. Continuously spamming grenades at your opponent is a particularly effective strategy. Even if only a few of your grenades actually damage your opponent, the resulting damage will be enough to drive them away.

Like the rapid rocket launcher, the rapid grenade launcher is a good weapon to use while escaping from a fight. The explosion blast will knock enemies back, and the quick reload will allow you to fire multiple projectiles in a short amount of time.

Countering the Rapid Grenade Launcher[]

Closing in to an opponent using a rapid grenade launcher is less effective than with the low-reload grenade launcher. Instead, you’re better off dodging with erratic movement since the small blast radius of the rapid grenade launcher requires your enemy to aim carefully.

Rapid Grenade Launcher
A grenade launcher with high fire rate. Grenades can be short over small obstacles like crates
Max damage: 42
Max range: 9.5
Reload time: 3s
Fire rate: 0.9
Cartridge: 8