The Rapid Rocket Launcher is very similar to the grey rocket launcher, but it has weaker rockets, a shorter reload time, and can hold up to 8 rockets in its cartridge. Again, this requires a great deal of prediction.

Using the Rapid Rocket Launcher[]

The rapid rocket launcher can be used to effectively block rockets from other players, although this requires careful aiming. Its quick reload will allow you to easily block any incoming projectiles.

Used offensively, the rapid rocket launcher an extremely powerful weapon. It can send a barrage of rockets at an unsuspecting opponent, and its moderate damage quickly stacks up if you can hit your opponent with multiple rockets in quick succession.

The rapid rocket launcher is a good weapon to use while escaping from a fight. The explosion blast will knock enemies back, and the quick reload will allow you to fire multiple rockets in a short amount of time.

Countering the Rapid Rocket Launcher[]

The best strategies to counter the rapid rocket launcher are to find cover, use the shield ability, or utilize walls to block the projectiles. In a close space, teleport is also an effective ability.

Rapid Rocket Launcher
Rapid Rocket Launcher.png
A rocket launcher with a high fire rate
Max damage: 45
Max range: Infinite
Reload time: 2.6s
Fire rate: 0.9
Cartridge: 8