Remote Controlled Launcher
Remote Controlled Launcher.png
A powerful weapon that launches homing missiles following your mouse cursor
Max damage: 58
Max range: Infinite
Reload time: 3.5s
Fire rate: {{{fire}}}
Cartridge: 1

Disambig colour.svgThis page is about the mouse-following rocket launcher. For the lock on one, see Homing Launcher. once you shoot it will follow your mouse.

The Remote Controlled Launcher is an explosive weapon in the game that follows your cursor. This gives you more control over its path, but requires skill to control.

Using the Remote Controlled Launcher[]

When a rocket is fired, it will follow the user's cursor until it hits something. This introduces an amount of multitasking to the game, as the user can continue shooting other weapons while this rocket is following the cursor.

Players should almost always switch to a different weapon immediately after firing to gain versatility, while still being able to control their rocket. This weapon allows for the manipulation of enemy movement, often making the enemy move right into where you want to shoot.

Countering the Remote Controlled Launcher[]

The remote controlled launcher is easily countered by shielding, using walls, or moving in circles, as described in the Homing Launcher section.

A more advanced strategy is to move next to a wall/obstacle, and wait for the rocket to approach you. As it gets nearer, you can jump to the side and your opponent, being unable to turn the rocket in time, will crash the rocket into the wall/obstacle.