Rocket Launcher
Rocket Launcher.png
A powerful weapon that launches explosive rockets
Max damage: 60
Max range: Infinite
Reload time: 2.75s
Fire rate: {{{fire}}}
Cartridge: 1

The rocket launcher fires grey rockets which deal high damage in an explosive radius.

Using the Rocket Launcher[]

Rocket Launcher users require a great deal of prediction, as it takes time for the rockets to reach its destination. This means instead of firing where your enemy is now, you have to think of where they will be, and predict it correctly.

Rockets can also be shot strategically into placed or existing walls to take advantage of the area damage that they deal - this is good for knocking other players into water. Even if a player is on the other side of the wall, they will still be knocked back and dealt damage.

Countering the Rocket Launcher[]

Countering can be done in multiple different ways. Use of cover, walls, shield, and teleport are the most efficient.

You can also shoot a rocket into another rocket, but beware of double damage (using the rapid rocket launcher is good for countering the regular rocket launcher because of its higher rate of fire).

The secondary fire mode of the energy rifle also collides with rockets, causing them to explode.