The shotgun is a powerful, close range weapon which shoots 6 shells in a cone.

The shotgun deals more damage, the closer you are to the target
Max damage: 49
Max range: Infinite
Reload time: 2.75s
Fire rate: 1.1
Cartridge: 5

Using the Shotgun[]

The shotgun can be utilized as both as a clean-up weapon due to its wide and high-range cone of damage, as well as a high damage weapon when in close or mid-range. Use this weapon wisely as it has a limited cartridge, and a high reload time.

The shotgun should be your quick go-to weapon as it is extremely effective against almost all build types. It is also a great clean-up weapon for combos, such as the Grenade Launcher-Rocket Launcher-Shotgun Combo.

Countering the Shotgun[]

The best way to counter shotgun is to get close to your opponent and move in quick erratic circles/jumps around them. It's hard to get that point blank shot down if you do that well, and if you have an explosive after your opponent fired a shot then you can jump back and blast them away.

Another effective countering technique is to try and put some distance between you and your opponent (either by teleport, walling, using explosives, etc.) as this will lessen the damage from the shotgun.