Sniper Rifle
Sniper Rifle.png
A sniper rifle with high range and damage. You need to aim first by pressing and holding F before you can shoot.
Max damage: 65
Max range: Infinite
Reload time: 3.5s
Fire rate: 1.75
Cartridge: 5

The sniper rifle is an extremely accurate weapon that fires a powerful, high damage shot along a path indicated on screen. Other players can see your sniper’s line of aim, which is displayed as an orange line to them. The sniper shifts your view to a formerly offscreen location, which can leave you vulnerable to ambush from behind.

Using the Sniper Rifle[]

Many players use a sniper to look around their surroundings and find enemies. It is also useful as a camping weapon, as it allows you to attack from afar.

The RC rocket-sniper combo is a good combo for the sniper rifle (you can use the RC as a long-range weapon along with the sniper), as is a high-range HE grenade combined with a sniper rifle since you can throw the grenade while still in sniper mode. You are also able to quick-snipe if you gain the skill to time your shot. By clicking as soon as the screen begins to move, you can shoot a sniper shot as soon as it becomes possible, dealing high damage to a close target.

A sniper rifle can be very useful in open areas and long corridors because of its long range and instantaneous shot. It can also be dangerous to use because the player cannot see their surroundings when aiming at a long distance. Before you shoot it you have to press "F" to aim it, and "R" if you want to reload it.

Countering the Sniper Rifle[]

Since you can see other player’s line of aim, avoiding sniper shots is relatively easy. You can use prediction to shield snipes (use the shield ability to block the damage) or block them with a wall.

If the sniper is covering a narrow line of fire and you are about to cross it, you can repeatedly move back and forth, causing the sniper to hesitate. Suddenly, jump across the line of fire and the sniper, not expecting you to move, will miss his shot.

You can also use scan to identify snipers on the minimap.