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Team Deathmatchis a game mode similar to Zombie Deathmatch, but with teams. Zombies are bots that chase players and destroy buildings but cannot pick up weapons. They can get more health and damage by killing players. When a player kills a zombie or player, they get diamonds which upgrade their level to buy or upgrade their abilities. Players lose their points depending on the scores of the player who kills them and half of their souls when killed by a zombie. The team with the most souls at the end of the game wins.

List of maps

There are several maps available for this game mode:

Name Players Size Modes
Breaking Mad 10 64x32 Team Deathmatch
Rocketeer 10 24x48 Team Deathmatch
PorChessT 10 56x56 Team Deathmatch
Spiral 16 32x32 Team Deathmatch
Lyuda 15 32x32 Team Deathmatch
Clan Wars 16 68x68 Team Deathmatch
Outdoor Paintball 16 Team Deathmatch