Zombies are normally bots, but basic zombies can be controlled by players.

Player Zombies[]

Players Zombies play the similarly to the normal players, but the jump is replaced with a dash, the player can not pick up weapons, the only weapon they can use a player zombie exclusive melee weapon, also as Zombies get exclusive abilities in infection mode.

Zombie Bots[]

Zombie bots make up the bulk of the zombies and come in many forms, they can be summoned by a Zombie Player in Infection Mode, and will spawn in Zombie Deathmatch.

Name Description Health Damage
SummonZombie.png Zombie A normal zombie. 40 N/A
SummonStrongerZombie.png Stronger Zombie Spits damaging projectiles. 50 N/A
SummonCrawler.png Crawler Runs at players then explodes. 30 N/A
SummonDarkZombie.png Dark Zombie 80 N/A